We understand responsibility to mean compliance with all laws, policies, ethics and conduct relevant to our organisation. We apply external legal commitments, internal policies and frameworks for action and recognised standards in all our activities.

We believe that responsible and ethical behaviour is necessary for the successful development of the business. Integrity and compliance are, therefore, important parts of Ecointegral’s corporate strategy and culture.

For this reason, the creation, application and upholding of both external laws and internal liability policies are of the utmost importance.


We pay special attention to complying with all regulations and policies, both internal and external, and our own accountability systems.

Our quality and responsibility programs form the basis of our corporate culture. Every year, changes in policies and systems are proposed and introduced.

These adapted norms and regulations stand ready to be fulfilled by employees in the various areas of development.
Through the integration of these quality and responsibility systems in our departments, as well as through the support of external consultants, we work to fulfil all the necessary obligations.

With the aim of demonstrating our values and highlighting the importance of corporate social responsibility, every year we try to give back to society some of what it has given us, thus participating in the improvement of people’s lives through various projects in disadvantaged areas.

This Responsibility program is aimed both at preventing violations of compliance with standards, detecting irregular conduct early and reacting quickly and consistently to any violation of the rules, as well showcasing our human and business policies and values.