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We are an independent professional services company which, for more than 20 years, has been collaborating as engineers in major energy and telecommunications infrastructure projects. During this time, we have had the privilege of working with large companies for the technological transformation of our area of influence and, thus, contributing every day to the protection of our planet and to the improvement of people’s lives.


this is our culture and the framework according to which we make all our decisions


Having full confidence that each step forward represents progress for the future of everyone

Commitment to society

Generation of wealth for society, creating stable and quality employment and promoting equal oppotunities


A capacity for flexibility and adaptability in each one our projects to obtain the optimal result

People as an advantage

People with talent, motivation and ability to work in a team are our most essential asset. We promote the human and professional development of our workforce.


Close and personal relationship with customers, in addition to personalised follow-up.


Providing quality services through a high level of professional excellence and technology, maintaining high standards in personal and professional training.

The founding partners of Ecointegral began their experience in the telecommunications sector in 1995 by participating as freelancers in the roll-out of the first digital mobile telephony operator in Spain and since 1996 as part of one of the pioneering wind-energy sector companies in Spain, involved in the areas of promotion, projects and construction of wind farms.


In 1999 Ecointegral was born, with the mission of providing independent high quality professional engineering services in several areas of expertise for the Energy, Telecommunications and Environment sectors, working initially in the wind energy sector and electrical distribution facilities as well as collaborating in the roll-out of the third telephone operator in Spain.


Also, since its inception, the Environment Division has been providing environmental and social impact assessments and other consulting activities related to the environment with the help of renowned experts in their areas of expertise and integrating the various disciplines in rigorous and high-quality projects.


From the beginning, Ecointegral has maintained quality, independent, responsive and flexible customer service policies, which has allowed us to grow in recognition and reputation in our sectors of operation, gaining the permanent trust of our clients among whom the leading companies are counted.

Ecointegral Ingeniería is today a modern and well-organised professional services company, with an experienced team and the necessary means to offer solid and competitive proposals for engineering, consulting and management services in the sectors in which it operates:

Electrical Transmission and Distribution

Wind energy sector

Photovoltaic sector

Telecommunications Operators


Ecointegral does not manufacture, install, or build, but rather provides value through knowledge and experience to design, calculate, manage and monitor that everything acquired, everything manufactured, everything built and everything installed optimally meets the needs of our client's projects and activities, meeting their expectations and maximising their results. Our clients are usually medium or large companies (mainly utilities, operators, developers, promoters, investors, etc.) that need to cover a broad spectrum of professional services along with a demanding program of deadlines and quality for the implementation of their activities. We work with passion, responsibility and commitment to not be another service provider for our client, but to become a great ally in achieving their objectives.

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Alberto Molina Espino

Technical Engineer Manager
Endesa Distribución

"Ecointegral offered me a great opportunity, it has been very intensive and provided a quick progression. They trusted me to meet the needs derived from business growth and I had to develop unknown capabilities. Thanks to this opportunity I discovered other professional tasks that I also like, such as project and people management.
At Ecointegral I have obtained experience and professional maturity, key skills in my new position at Endesa Distribution, a global multinational. I will always be grateful to Ecointegral for my profesional development."

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Jose Maria de Juan Rodriguez

Delegate in Andalusia of Naturgy Renovables (until 2/2020)

"Ecointegral Ingeniería, S.L. has collaborated with the Naturgy group in the origin, processing, negotiation, development and execution of the renewable projects of the mentioned energy group in Andalusia during the last 10 years. I can affirm emphatically and with full knowledge - in my position as Naturgy Renovables Delegate in Andalusia. S.L.U. (until February 2020) - that professionalism, excellence and experience, technical capabilities, customer orientation, responsibility, dedication and meeting deadlines have always been a constant in the performance of all professionals at Ecointegral Ingeniería, S.L.; all together with their undoubted human qualities, make them worthy of absolute trust. My intense and extensive experience as a client allows me to qualify it, without a doubt, as a benchmark company in the renewable energy sector.".

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