Todos ingenieros. Todos a su servicio.





This area aims to identify, prevent, mitigate or repair some -or several- of key environmental factors such as soil, water or air.


Environmental prevention:
Environmental consulting for compliance with current legislation.



Ingeniería Ambiental:
Advice on environmental engineering projects regarding water, waste, infrastructure, etc. for the identification, basic and detail engineering, control and direction of works and advice for the start-up and maintenance






The main objective of this area is the integral Management and Processing service to obtain the necessary environmental authorizations for the development of different industrial, energy, telecommunications, agricultural and livestock, waste and water activities, etc.


Management and processing of Environmental Authorizations (AAU, AAI or others) of projects. Previous consultations and modifications.


Consulting service for request and monitoring of authorizations. Technical advice for compliance with regulations.







This area is in charge of developing consulting tasks to investigate, calculate, reduce, compensate and communicate CO2 emissions.


The advice carried out in the management of CO2 allows on many occasions to identify improvement actions related to energy saving and efficiency or the implementation of renewable energies, areas in which the Energy division of Ecointegral has great experience.


CO2 management: Our consulting work covers the two areas in which the origin of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions can be classified






Technical advice for compliance with water regulations. The main objective of this area is to develop engineering and consulting work related to water management. The services provided by Ecointegral are the following



Hydrological and water resources study available


Placed in Irrigation

Projects for the reuse of treated water

Hydrogeological Studies

Environmental restoration projects

Consumption reduction studies

Flood studies.