Todos ingenieros. Todos a su servicio.

The fundamental mission of Ecointegral is to take maximum care of every assignment or project received, from the first steps -complete management, agile and global processing- to the total execution of the same and the final delivery to the client.Ecointegral provides each client with the best Engineering and Consulting service in each of the sectors in which it operates, and strives to achieve continuous growth in its prestige and results; and at the same time wants to achieve the ideal environment in which each member of your team can develop an unbeatable professional career aimed at the continuous improvement of their professional and personal quality.


We promote the impact of our professionals in society before the generation of new knowledge, making them better people and better professionals through their work.


Independence, honesty, dedication to service and high-mindedness are our corporate values.


We make our operations profitable to fulfill our commitments, we finance the growth and we make the business project a reality.


We create value proposals that maximize the positive result in the clients and that therefore allow us to gain their head and heart.


We provide professional services of high specialization and added value through a group of professionals who work as a team for the best companies in our environment.


We provide practical knowledge in areas with a high impact on the quality of life of people and their environment (energy, water, communications, CO2, etc.)


One of the leading engineering companies in the national energy sector thanks to the experience of more than 16 years providing, independently, the engineering, consulting and management services for the promotion and execution of important projects.




Reference in the telecommunications engineering sector, developing engineering, consulting, assistance and management of mobile telecommunications, fiber optic networks and radio and television networks for the main telecommunications operators.




Our engineers work and study environmental problems in an integrated manner, taking into account their ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions. We work in 3 areas: Studies and Environmental Projects, Research and Management of CO2 and Water Engineering.