For some months now, face masks have ceased to be a simple PPE “Personal Protective Equipment” to be used as a collective and social protection, however, this protection, which unfortunately has become an essential element in our daily lives, was already commonly used in some central European countries due to high air pollution in winter.

In Poland this situation is constantly repeated during the winter, due not only to geographical and climatological reasons, but also to the heavy dependence on coal-fired power plants, which account for 71% of the energy generated in the country, according to Eurostat sources. That is to say, of the 45 GW generated annually in the country, 30 GW correspond to coal-fired power plants, while the remaining 15 GW, only 5 GW correspond to wind generation and 1 GW to photovoltaic generation, according to Polskie Scieci Elektroenergetyzne, the electricity system operator.

Due to the lack of alternative infrastructures to fossil fuel generation and the financial soundness that the country has been demonstrating since it joined the European Union in 2004, Ecointegral Ingeniería created its subsidiary Ecointegral Projekt Polska sp z o. o in 2016 and hired Polish engineers who, after training period in Spain, have carried out their work in Poland. In 2020, the company moved its offices to Krakow and hired a country manager. Ecointegral is clearly committed to one of the fastest growing economies in Eastern Europe, where its more than 21 years of experience in the design of wind and photovoltaic farms, as well as the development of energy and telecommunications infrastructures, can best be put to good use.

In the coming years there will be a major energy transformation in Poland, and Ecointegral Ingeniería, through its Polish subsidiary, will be present collaborating in this process of decarbonisation of the electricity sector, as one of the benchmark engineering companies.